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ILR's Donation Items

Independent Living Resources houses a 'donation closet' of gently used, certified-safe assistive devices and durable medical equipment. Individuals and organizations in the community donate items to us and we then help redistribute back into the community for those in need. This is a completely free service and program.

Call ILR today to donate or inquire about items in our inventory. Please note that our inventory varies day to day as items come in and are given away.

Current non-exclusive list of items we accept:

Mobility Aids- Standard Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs/ Scooters, Knee Scooters, Standard Walkers, 4-wheeled/seated Walkers, Hemi-walker, Crutches, Canes

Fall Reduction Aids - Grab Bars, Bed Handles/ Support Bars, Floor to ceiling support poles

Dressing Devices- Sock Aids, Dressing Sticks, Shoe Horn, Leg Lifter

Bathing Devices- (New Only) Long-handled Sponge, Shower Chair/ Transfer Bench, Adjustable Shower Head Systems

Hearing/ Vision Assistive Devices



If you are looking for assistive technology or adaptive device solutions, call ILR today and get connected with an Independent Living Specialist to help identify a device we have may meet your needs.

Our Scheduled Donation Hours

Monday 8:30-4:30

Wednesday 8:30-4:30

Thursday 8:30-4:30

Please call to request alternative time if needed to drop off/ pick up items.

Wisconsin AT4ALL is the place to find assistive technology devices available for short term loan and demonstration. 

The programs who have devices for loan or demonstration have specific counties that they work in or other program requirements.

It's important to work with the program that serves the county where you live.

Click the button below to explore the AT4ALL website.

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