An Advocate will speak, write or lobby on someone else’s behalf.  People with disabilities often become discouraged and don’t advocate for themselves, unable to speak up and indicate what they need, what has or has not worked, and what they want as opposed to what has been directed for them.  ILR works with you to advocate on your own behalf, becoming part of the plan for your independent life. 

ILR is available to help people learn how to speak for themselves, helping all individuals who would like to become better self advocates. Building skills and self esteem enables individuals to ask for what they need to become or remain as independent as possible. It is necessary for persons with disabilities to develop these skills to more effectively impact not only their needs, but to impact local, state and national disability policy if they so desire.  speak for yourself

ILR provides training, networking with other agencies, plus timely information to individuals about disability issues in its newsletter.








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