Social Security Benefits

Benefits Counseling

Benefits Counseling means something different to each individual.  It can range from a quick question and answer over the phone to an in-depth analysis of the person’ current benefits.  An ILR Benefits Specialist will help you work through:

  • Identification & Verification: initially, an ILR Benefits Specialist will work with an individual to identify and/or verify benefits.  This process includes analysis of benefits available through county government, State of Wisconsin, federal resources, and private sources.
  • Analyze, Assist & Assess:  the next step is for the Benefits Specialist to analyze all the information, which is then presented to you both in person and in a written report.
  • Social Security programs:  ILR Benefits Specialists work alongside you during the application process, assisting in gathering information, filling out forms, understanding the process, and details concerning how working will affect your benefits.
  • Benefits Advocacy Services.  Should your application be denied, ILR Specialists can assist you in the appeals process.

Work Incentives and Benefits

The potential loss of benefits is a common fear among people with disabilities who are considering employment.  A benefits analysis with an ILR Benefits Specialist will help you understand how having a job will affect your current benefits, and give you the information you need to make the best choices as a result.

A benefits review may include SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare, Waiver Programs, County Services, Subsidized Housing, Veteran’s Benefits, Food Stamps, Energy Assistance.