Assistive Technology: Outdoors

Kate's mailbox sans address

A mailbox mounted lower outside a door with accessible threshold makes it easy to get the mail or the newspaper.

Making the outdoors accessible means many different things depending on how active you aspire to be; there are multitudes of assistive and adaptive technology available for outdoor activities of all kinds.  For general use, these are questions to ask as you look outside your home:

 Are doors and walkways at least 32 inches wide to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers?

Do sliding doors have low thresholds, and do other doors have lever handles rather than doorknobs?

Are railings installed on both sides of steps, and are walkways and porch areas well lit?

Is the mailbox in a location that makes it easy to retrieve mail?

Is there a single-action deadbolt lock on the inside of the door?

Is there a ramp and is it in good condition? A general rule for ramp construction is for every inch in height, the ramp should extend 12 inches. Also, the ramp should have a platform landing large enough for a door to open while a wheelchair is positioned on the landing.

If you would like to know about adaptive sports and other outside equipment, please call ILR and ask to speak with one of the ATP Specialists.