Assistive Technology: Living Room

kitchen window

Windows at lower levels.


Toggle light switches 48 inches from the floor.

Living rooms, dens and family rooms are fairly easy to make accessible.  Much of the information already shared under Assistive Technology pages is applicable to these rooms; additional considerations might include: thermostat

Does the front door have an intercom?  A wireless doorbell can be carried from room to room, insuring that ringing can be heard.

Are cordless phones or cellphones available in each room?  And are they easy to be kept fully charged?

Are there remote controls for TV, VCR, DVD, fireplaces, stereos, lights, appliances?  And are they easy to use?

Changes in this kind of technology happen seemingly overnight, meaning there might be just exactly what you need newly available on any given day.  Call one of ILR’s ATP experts to find out!