Assistive Technology: Indoors

no barrier front porch

Wider doors allow easy access.

choosing clothes closeup

Placing often-used items within reach makes independence easier.

Assessing your home for Assistive Technology needs may seem overwhelming!  Take a look at individual rooms and ask questions like these:

Are doorways at least 32 inches wide?  If not, other options include swing-clear (recessed) hinges, pocket doors and accordion doors.

Do doors have lever handles instead of round doorknobs?

Can wall light switches be replaced with rocker-switch plates, and are they lit so they can be easily found in the dark?

Is carpeting low-pile, in good repair, and securely fastened to both floors and steps so that wheelchairs and walkers can easily navigate?

Are you using throw rugs, which can get in the way of wheelchairs, walkers and crutches?

Are switches and thermostats located no more than 48 inches from the floor for easy access?

Can electrical outlets be places at least 27 inches from the floor to minimize bending?

Can ceiling lights be replaced with wall lights so light bulbs can be easily replaced, and are you using long-life bulbs?

Are you using floor and table lamps that can be activated by touch or sound?

Do stairs have sturdy, easily grabbed handrails and banisters?

Is there a convenient, easy to reach place to keep a rechargeable flashlight in case of power failure?

Does every room in the house have a personal security device that will alert help if someone falls or needs emergency assistance?  There are a number of these devices on the market.  Some, when activated, make a phone call to a central location that can dispatch help.  Others are programmed to ring the home phone at pre-arranged times during the day; if the phone is not answered emergency personnel are sent to the house.

There are many simple and easy solutions to overcoming barriers caused by disability – please don’t become overwhelmed by the obstacles or the barriers!  ILR has several Assistive Technology Professionals that can help you find solutions!