Assistive Technology: House Products

accessible fridge 2

Small refrigerator on a raised platform, accessible with one swift smooth motion.

Common house products can be adapted to fit your needs, or are available in a model that will accommodate your need.  Things to think about as you’re adapting your home:

Do latches, snaps require a minimum level of strength and is the equipment easy to handle?

Are visual displays large enough and sufficiently bright or dark against their backgrounds to be legible?

Are operation and maintenance instructions clear, easy to read, or can be recorded or videoed?

Is there a remote control and are the buttons large enough for easy use?

Is there an emergency switch within easy reach or is it hidden on the back of the unit and difficult to reach?

drawer pulls

Drawer pulls that allow easy use.

Independent Living Specialists at ILR can help you explore all the options available…such as microwave ovens that talk to you as you use them!