Assistive Technology: Bedroom

guest bedroom 3

Large open bedroom for wheelchair mobility.

choosing clothes closeup

Clothes hanging at an easily-reachable height.

Assistive Technology in the bedroom requires much the same information as in other rooms of your home.  Additional considerations may include:   

 Do the lights automatically turn on when the door is opened? 

Is the bed at the correct heigth for a minimally assisted wheelchair-to-bed transfer?  

Is the clock sufficiently bright for the person’s needs?  Or would a talking clock be a better choice?  Light alarms and bed vibrators are also available to alert those with hearing impairments.

Is there enough space to allow a wheelchair to turn around, or for a second person when assistance is needed?

Quite often, the fix is simple.  ILR’s Independent Living Specialists are well-versed in helping you find the solutions you need!