The Wisconsin Telework Loan Program…

is a statewide, alternative loan program that allows Wisconsin residents with disabilities to purchase computers and other equipment needed to work from home or from other remote sites away from the office, whether working from home or on the road or at a telework center.  Telework loan funds can be used to purchase equipment, training to use equipment, extended warranties, cost of maintenance and repairs.

Telework Criteria

A telework loan is generally considered favorable if the equipment purchased with the loan assist you in doing at least one of the following:

  • Begin telework for an employer where you were previously unemployedtelework wordie
  • Increase income in an existing job through telework
  • Remain employed at your current level, prevent job loss or reduction in earnings through telework
  • Begin working at home to accommodate your disability
  • Initiate or expand home based self-employment with an approved business plan

Telework loans can range between $500 – $50,000 with competitive interest rates.  Term lengths are dependent on the amount of the loan and the item purchased.

An ILR Independent Living Specialist can help you fill out the loan application paperwork.  Please call to make an appointment at 608-787-1111.