How To Join

ACT NOW – Everyone is Welcome!

Act Now is a network to address concerns of people with disabilities however, anyone is welcome. If you have a disability or are simply interested in supporting the disability community, we need your voice.

Levels of Involvement

Be a Partner.  As a Partner you will be kept informed about the group activities as well as state and national disability related issues through information and action alerts. This can be a great way to learn about advocacy and find out about issues that are important to you.

Be an Advocate.  As an Advocate, you will be invited to join regional group meetings where we work together to develop advocacy skills through training and action in order to address local disability related issues. You will also receive updated information on relevant disability related issues in order to take action by contacting elected officials.

Be a Regional Contact.  As a Regional Contact you will also participate in training and local action projects. You will also assist with the coordination and facilitation of regional meetings; keep regional advocates updated (by e-mail or mail) on relevant disability related issues, and to take action by contacting elected officials. For this roll, e-mail and internet access are required.

All roles are vital to the success of the network.

Contact Kathie at or 608-787-1111 for information on how to join.